In what is further confirmation of the Zune 2 coming (if a reliable, unnamed third party manufacturer telling me wasn't enough), one GameCrazy employee has allegedly grabbed a shot of a Zune 2 accessory list.

Zune AC Adapter (V2) - $29.99 Zune Cable Pack (V2) - $39.99 Zune Car Pack (V2) - $79.99 Zune Dock Pack (V2) - $49.99 Zune Home AV Pack (V2) - $99.99 Zune Sync Cable (V2) - $19.99


And for the record, my informant said the Zune 2 was pretty badass—even if it's tough to tell from this somewhat lame accessory list. If I knew anything more, you'd be the first I'd blab to. [zunerama]