Zune 2 Hard Drive and Flash Models Leaked?

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Updated: Better picture. Zune Scene has a leaked image that's supposedly three display units at a "large retailer" for the upcoming Zunes. If these are on target, there's going to be at least a pink and brown flash-based Zune that's smaller than the current one, and a black hard drive Zune that's about the same size as the old one. These look pretty similar to our leaked renders we saw a while back. We can't tell if it's thinner or sleeker from the angle of the shot, but we'll see soon. [Zune Scene via Zune Online]




I have tried a Zune. There are certain things I liked. There were things I didn't. To use it for an "extended period of time" would require buying one. I didn't see the value. I used to have an iPod 5th Gen. I no longer do. Perhaps this release will be better for the Zune, however, it just appears to occupy the space that the iPod just left. Whatever. It's all just circuit boards and nerds anyway. It just doesn't seem that MSFT really gives a sh*t. They just have to have something on the market. My 2¢