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Zune 80 Claims 30 Hour Battery, Actually Gets 22 Hours

Illustration for article titled Zune 80 Claims 30 Hour Battery, Actually Gets 22 Hours

We weren't too disappointed when we heard that the Zune 80 almost matched the 80GB iPod classic in terms of battery life, but CNET's hands-on testing has determined that the Zune's actual battery life is quite a bit shorter than its stated battery life.


Instead of getting 30 hours of audio with Wi-Fi off, CNET got only 22 hours, followed up by 18.5 hours with Wi-Fi on. To compare, The 80GB iPod actually got 45 hours (up from its stated 30 hours), and the original Zune got only 13 hours. It's a step in the right direction, but Microsoft's still got a couple hardware iterations to go before matching Apple's iPod. Then again, with that gigantic screen on the Zune, it's possible that that can never happen. [Crave]

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That's true, and I laugh with you, but on a more serious note, Zune fans should take it to heart that it was only with the bitching by fans (and haterz) that Apple finally came around and began to offer more battery life than their ratings, not less. So, bite the bullet, and demand more from MS, not blindly defend them from the attacks from the Apple fanboys, cuz if you do, you're no different than the Apple fanboys you despise.