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This week brought us not only lots of Apple news, but lots of Microsoft Zune news as well. First we have the surprise that wasn't a surprise, the official Zune announcement. Then there's all the accessories that Microsoft hopes will become a cottage industry, like the one surrounding the iPod.

For you visual learners, there's the two zune videos, demonstrating how the Zune's UI will look and how Zune-tercourse will work. NSFW if you're a Borg, a Cylon, or Mr. Data.

Also we have an interview with the main man, Mr. Jimmy Allard, who calls the iPod an old game that eventually got made into a clock.


Finally, there's the wang screen comparison between the Zune and the iPod, and a boxful of Zunes, which we'd enjoy much more than a Fistful of Dollars.


Also, thanks to whoever sent this and the Ballmer Zune image to me. I can't remember your name now, but email me if it was you!

Thanks Hector!