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Zune Coverage Roundup: Microsoft Wants Its Hands In Your Pockets

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This image was lost some time after publication.

This week brought us not only lots of Apple news, but lots of Microsoft Zune news as well. First we have the surprise that wasn't a surprise, the official Zune announcement. Then there's all the accessories that Microsoft hopes will become a cottage industry, like the one surrounding the iPod.

For you visual learners, there's the two zune videos, demonstrating how the Zune's UI will look and how Zune-tercourse will work. NSFW if you're a Borg, a Cylon, or Mr. Data.


Also we have an interview with the main man, Mr. Jimmy Allard, who calls the iPod an old game that eventually got made into a clock.


Finally, there's the wang screen comparison between the Zune and the iPod, and a boxful of Zunes, which we'd enjoy much more than a Fistful of Dollars.


Also, thanks to whoever sent this and the Ballmer Zune image to me. I can't remember your name now, but email me if it was you!


Thanks Hector!

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It amazes me that mp3 players are still such a big business. Maybe my comparison is wrong but I think of it in terms of how the Walkman was when it first came out. Within 5 years you had cheap knockoffs for sale in every drug store and the name "walkman" was no longer a Sony only moniker. I would have thought by now that the name iPOD would be along the lines of "Kleenex" and other popular trademarks that became public domain. But here we are, more than 5 years into the mp3 player game and Microsoft hopes we'll all start referring to all mp3 players as a "Zune". We'll see.