Zune vs. iPod: About the Same Size, Both Stuck in 4:3

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Here's a couple of accurate comparisons that clear up any misconceptions you might have about the Zune compared to the iPod. In that first picture on the left, you can see that the Zune's half-inch larger screen is in the same aspect ratio as the iPod's: old-style 4:3. And even though the Zune's screen is depicted in press photos as being sharper than the iPod's, both have a resolution of 320x240.

The second comparison is of the physical size of the iPod and Zune, where their width is just about the same but the Zune is just a little bit taller. Seems like the general impression was that the Zune was much bigger than the iPod. Well, it is, but not by much. Anyway, guys, let's have a 16:9 screen next, mkay?


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