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You knew this was inevitable: a way to disavow any knowledge of a transferred song on the Microsoft Zune, circumventing that share-once restriction in the player's WiFi routine. It's just a matter of a little simple digital prestidigitation, digging into a certain file and removing the name of the person who sent it to you, while that person does the same. Share that song again and again with these five steps:

1. Make sure that your Zune is connected and the Zune Software is running.

2. Navigate to My Computer and click on your Zune's name.

3. Open "Storage"

4. Find the file that contains the name of the user who transferred songs to you in the file name, and delete all records with that title.

5. Get the other party to do the same and you can now transfer the same songs again!


Well, that was easy. Expect this hole to be plugged up, pronto. Next, somebody needs to figure out how to blow away that 3-play/3-day limit of a shared song. Update: Hey, wait a minute ... they've already figured that one out, too!

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