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Zune Loses to iPod by 1 Point

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Cnet hosts a show called Prizefight in which two gadgets duke it out head to head for bragging rights of the Universe. It's like our Frankenfights with less sources and in video.


They break the battle down point by point as the Zune almost goes the distance.


Design: Zune 4 - Ipod 4
Interface Zune 5 - Ipod 4
Compatibility: Zune 2 - Ipod 3
Features: Zune 4 - Ipod 5
Performance: Zune 4 - 4


The wise people at Cnet agreed with the Frankenfight's interface and compatibility scoring, though our 10-legged monster gave the design round to the iPod. To me, who would still choose an iPod over the Zune, it's refreshing to watch Apple called out as a fallible manufacturing company instead of an immortal design studio, blessing us with MP3 mana from the heavens.

Prizefight [via zuneboards]

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Spud's pretty much got it. Yeah, the fact that you can change backgrounds is cool, but the fact that it comes out of the box without HD support, without the ability to sync via wifi (because there's all of three other zunes out there you'll run into about never) and the color choice is just absurd. And yes, when the current 80%+ dominant force in the market has lots of nifty colors and they're all selling very well, fruity colors do win over poorly implemented wifi, etc. Trust. The majority of people walking up to my counter to buy MP3 players don't give a rat's ass about the zune's few shining features and many shortcomings, they want an ipod. If microsoft could create that kind of want for their product, they'd have more then their pidly less then 2% market share (though that's damn impressive for just a month).

Don't agree. Cool. go walk into any bestbuy with a predominately middle america customer base and listen to them ask about MP3 players. top two questions #1) how do these work #2) where are your ipods.

Thus I guess the CNET thing doesn't matter, even if the Zune won, it still wouldn't be synonymous with MP3 players. Until Microsoft can actually market a product they're not going to see any huge gains. the Xbox worked because it came at a weak part in sony's line up and console wars. There wasn't really a comparable product that could do what it could/can (until the PS3). With the Zune we have Microsoft providing a me too product which doesn't really dominate with features or quality or great content (compare the zune marketplace to itunes)... In the end all these reviews do is provide us with geek cannon fodder, the consumers decide what's really relevant. Selling the zune at a loss and not capturing significant market share isn't going to help with no huge margin accessories/games to sell with it. Microsoft needs to get on their game, sell some Nano and Shuffle competitors and actually hire some qualified advertising company with a great track record. Oh and installs that dont' crash and vista compatibility, HD use, and wifi syncing would help... that and maybe allowing for the zune to grab songs from the zune marketplace through wifi. hell even the sirius brick can grab tunes via wifi (albeit different but you get the point).