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Cnet hosts a show called Prizefight in which two gadgets duke it out head to head for bragging rights of the Universe. It's like our Frankenfights with less sources and in video.


They break the battle down point by point as the Zune almost goes the distance.


Design: Zune 4 - Ipod 4
Interface Zune 5 - Ipod 4
Compatibility: Zune 2 - Ipod 3
Features: Zune 4 - Ipod 5
Performance: Zune 4 - 4


The wise people at Cnet agreed with the Frankenfight's interface and compatibility scoring, though our 10-legged monster gave the design round to the iPod. To me, who would still choose an iPod over the Zune, it's refreshing to watch Apple called out as a fallible manufacturing company instead of an immortal design studio, blessing us with MP3 mana from the heavens.

Prizefight [via zuneboards]