Zune + XM, the Confusing Link

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A recent Associated Content article is suggesting that XM and Microsoft are working together on some kind of satellite radio functionality for the Zune. Unfortunately their logic is a bit flawed.

The WiFi antenna also will help Microsoft to support XM radio on the Zune, something they've been looking into.

Both XM and Sirius have the ability to stream online. So if the Associated Content is suggesting that the Wi-Fi antenna will be used to stream satellite radio, then it doesn't really matter which big player is involved, because they will both be able to be used over Wi-Fi on the Zune.

But on the optimistic standpoint, are they suggesting that the Wi-Fi antenna will double as a satellite radio antenna? Is that even possible? Any smarty engineers want to shed some light on this? Drop a comment or shoot me an e-mail personally, the link can be found over on the left.


Zune: iPod Killer? Or yet another victim? [Via Orbitcast]

Edit: I realized that the commenter, werk, is right. I have gotten so caught up in this Zune nonsense I assumed it had a browser integrated, which is doesn't or if it does we don't know about it yet. But regardless, if it has Wi-Fi it will be hacked or have a browser released for it, it would just be stupid not to—re: Nintendo DS. But the question remains, will the Wi-FI antenna double as a satellite radio antenna? I've had some people say yes, some people say no.

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I doubt they'd go the traditional satrad antenna route on a device like that, especially since the audio stream can be decoded in Windows Media software instead of XM's chipsets (small as they may be). I think that werk has the right idea, no full-on browser to allow non-authorized stream providers, but only access to those in partnership on the deal.