ZunePhone Shows its Superiority to the iPhone

Now that the iPhone music is available to buy on iTunes, it seems like everyone and his dog is getting on an iPhone parody trip. Here's the ZunePhone, a mock-up of what Microsoft's iPod Slayer would be like if it had Jesus-like qualities. [YouTube via TUAW]




Completely agree with you. Apple seems to haev the upper hand in marketing these days, but their products are not superior. I mean, come on, you have to pay $79 for ilife, when you can get equivalent programs for windows for free???!?!

And imovie 08 got terrible reviews. When steve jobs presented it (yes, I watched his keynote), he made it seem so awesome—but the reviews from Mac Fans, David Pogue and others said that it was upper crap.

So, in essence, there are features of Apple and windows that I like. I won't buy into the marketing that apple is better, or winodws is better. What I would ultimately wish for is a Windows PC that I can boot OsX on, but there is no way I'm gonna buy a Mac as I don't find any part of a MAC better or superior in any way to windows.

What I really Like though, which will appease my appetite until I can run OSX on a windwos machine, is Ubuntu with Beryl —this blows VISTA and OSX away completely. If you haven't see this, do a youtube search and check out the videos of this in action.