Zune's Web Gets Direct Audio Podcast Streaming

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According to Microsoft, you can now surf the audio podcast catalog in their Zune site and stream them directly without connecting to the Zune Marketplace, as well as waste your time doing music quizzes, like:

1. What was the name of the dog that tried to hump Kim Deal's leg during the recording of Trompe Le Monde?


2. Name all the 14 different drugs that Keith Richards did while he was in a taxi on his way to visit his grandma after recording Exile In Main Street.

3. What's Jack Johnson secret to make his banana pancakes?


4. How many dwarves carrying cocaine plates were at the party that Freddie Mercury threw to celebrate the wrap up of the album A Night at the Opera?

5. On average, how many amphetamine pills did Johnny Cash pop before the recording of The Johnny Cash TV Show?

6. What kind of melon was Elvis' favorite?

7. How many pounds of marijuana were used during the recording of Led Zeppelin I?


8. How many BLT sarnies did David Bowie's roadies eat during his Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars tour?

9. How many Apple employees have set their spam filter to trash any mail containing "John Mayer" on the "From" field?


10. How many times have police arrested Gizmodo editor-in-chief Jason Chen, charging him with stalking Chris Martin?


[Zune Insider]

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<3 Zune. I hate to see gizmodo make so many negative post even considering some of there blogger and poster use them... And for you posters... Don't know the 2nd gen zune unless you try them...