Humanity's Future Will Be In Caves ... On the Moon

While I talked with the legendary roboticist Red Whittaker in his lab at Carnegie Mellon, a half-moon shaped remnant of a Lifesaver was resting on his knee. He nibbled on it as we talked about sending autonomous robots to explore the Moon. That’s when he told me about the Moon caves that could be humanity’s future… »6/15/15 1:20pm6/15/15 1:20pm


This Nifty Tool Helps Roommates Find The Fairest Way to Split the Rent

It's impossible enough to find a decent apartment these days, let alone the humans to share it who won't dismember you in the night. Far more difficult, however, is deciding which roommate pays which portion of the rent, which has been known to end more than one friendship before it even started. A new online tool… »11/05/14 6:30pm11/05/14 6:30pm

Oh Great, Surgeons Want To Shove These Robot Snakes Down Our Throats

In addition to completely freaking us out, it turns out that the robotic snakes being developed at universities like Carnegie Mellonsome serve some practical purposes as well. A company called Medrobotics Corporation will soon begin marketing robot snake-assisted surgical device designed to crawl down a patient's… »4/04/14 6:00pm4/04/14 6:00pm

These Robotic Super Socks Will Aid Rehabilitation

Science fiction has given us a vision of the future where humans might one day enjoy super-strength and abilities while wearing a rigid robotic exoskeleton suit. But back here in reality, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a soft bio-robotic socks designed to assist those who have difficulty with… »1/22/14 9:20am1/22/14 9:20am

Does This Self-Burying Bot Mean We're Close to Robo-Tremors?

We already have autonomous robots that can drive, fly, swim—even operate in space. And now, thanks to researchers at the Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute, we'll soon be dealing with bots that can tackle the final frontier here on earth—or should we say inside earth—with a self-burrowing robot that works… »6/25/13 10:29am6/25/13 10:29am

The Military Has Enlisted a Laser-Wielding, Paint-Stripping Robot

Anyone who's ever done any home renovation knows what a messy job removing paint can be. But imagine that instead of a flat wall you were tasked with stripping a curvy streamlined fighter plane. And the paint you were removing was designed to endure the stresses of supersonic flight. It's a daunting task, which is why… »11/27/12 11:20am11/27/12 11:20am

Caterpillar Building 700-Ton, Completely Automatic Mega Dump Truck

Gearheads at Carnegie Mellon University are partnering up with tractor-maker Caterpillar to build the world's largest robotic dump truck, a 700-ton ground mover capable of hauling 240 tons of earth. In case you can't wrap your head around that amount, that's like 33 African bull elephants worth of dirt. The trucks… »9/10/08 3:30am9/10/08 3:30am