Paper for iPad Hands-On: So This Is What Microsoft's Former Courier…

Like Tapose, which made its debut on the iPad yesterday, Paper is a place to store ideas. But unlike the former—which is backed by former Microsoft honcho J. Allard—the latter is more sketchbook than scrapbook, and comes from a group of individuals who once worked on the now-defunct Courier project. » 3/29/12 9:36am 3/29/12 9:36am

Taposé: The Ghost of the Microsoft Courier Lives In Your iPad

Unlike every tablet that looks like every other tablet that looks like an iPad, Microsoft's Courier was bold, imaginative and different. Of course, it got killed and was never released. But the spirit is still alive! The Courier's dual pane versatility lives on with Tapose. » 3/28/12 6:40pm 3/28/12 6:40pm

Why Microsoft Chose Windows 8 Over Courier

Cnet is delving further into the death of the Microsoft Courier, looking at the differences between Steven Sinoksky and J Allard, who ran the Windows 8 and Courier projects respectively. They say that Sinofsky's business-minded pragmatism and Windows 7 salvage job ultimately swayed Ballmer to follow his vision. » 11/02/11 9:27am 11/02/11 9:27am

The True Story of the Microsoft Courier's Tragic Death

The Microsoft Courier died an unfortunate death, which was somewhat shrouded in mystery. Now Cnet has the full story, which chalks it up to bureaucracy, a fear of losing its corporate customer base, and an unyielding loyalty to established brands like Windows. » 11/01/11 12:41pm 11/01/11 12:41pm

This App Might Be Able to Turn Your iPad into the Fabled Microsoft…

There's a Kickstarter project that's inspired from the promise of the ill-fated Microsoft Courier and delivers a similar "two-panel" experience to the iPad. Interested? Yeah, us too. It's called Taposé and it comes with an adjustable split screen interface that's supposed to let you "interact with multiple apps… » 4/28/11 7:40pm 4/28/11 7:40pm

Keep Enemies Close: Microsoft Needs iPhone Apps

The most thrilling Microsoft product in years was killed before it ever officially existed. One of its most awesome services elicits more snickers than nods. Microsoft isn't even in the mobile space right now. Redmond, we have a problem. » 9/30/10 12:00pm 9/30/10 12:00pm

Ballmer: Windows 7 Tablets Aplenty Coming By Year's End

First, Microsoft's tablet hopes and dreams hinged on the HP Slate. That died. At least there were still rumors of the Courier dual-screen tablet! Until, well. But according to Microsoft honcho Steve Ballmer, there are Windows 7 tablets aplenty coming. » 7/12/10 10:01am 7/12/10 10:01am

Is There Still Hope For Courier?

The first details of Microsoft's dual-screen Courier tablet sent everyone into a tizzy. Then Microsoft proclaimed Courier dead before ever officially acknowledging its existence. But wait: is this email from CEO Steve Ballmer reason enough to hope for Courier's future? » 6/30/10 1:56pm 6/30/10 1:56pm

Rumor: Father of Xbox J. Allard Is Leaving Microsoft in Huge Shakeup

The WSJ solidifies an intriguing post by Mary Jo Foley last week that J. Allard, the guy behind the Xbox, Zune and Courier—or more formally, the Chief Experience Officer and Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft's E&D division—is leaving after Steve Ballmer killed the Courier tablet project. » 5/25/10 1:16am 5/25/10 1:16am