Paper for iPad Hands-On: So This Is What Microsoft's Former Courier Employees Were Working On

Like Tapose, which made its debut on the iPad yesterday, Paper is a place to store ideas. But unlike the former—which is backed by former Microsoft honcho J. Allard—the latter is more sketchbook than scrapbook, and comes from a group of individuals who once worked on the now-defunct Courier project. »3/29/12 9:36am3/29/12 9:36am


This App Might Be Able to Turn Your iPad into the Fabled Microsoft Courier

There's a Kickstarter project that's inspired from the promise of the ill-fated Microsoft Courier and delivers a similar "two-panel" experience to the iPad. Interested? Yeah, us too. It's called Taposé and it comes with an adjustable split screen interface that's supposed to let you "interact with multiple apps… »4/28/11 7:40pm4/28/11 7:40pm