This App Might Be Able to Turn Your iPad into the Fabled Microsoft Courier

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There's a Kickstarter project that's inspired from the promise of the ill-fated Microsoft Courier and delivers a similar "two-panel" experience to the iPad. Interested? Yeah, us too. It's called Taposé and it comes with an adjustable split screen interface that's supposed to let you "interact with multiple apps simultaneously in the company of Taposé collections".


There's three major components to Taposé: The split interface design, which lets you drop stuff (like images, text, contacts, maps) from one side to another. The middle separation bar, which is adjustable, so you can have more screen real estate dedicated to one side, or evenly split, or full screen a side. And the collections/books option, which is basically a notepad with various writing options. It all sounds great! But remember, Taposé is only a concept so what we see right now might not be what we see when it releases. Admittedly, what we do see right now is flipping awesome.


The app has already reached its funding goal but probably needs a lot of time in the oven to deliver the sort of seamless experience that would make it work. If done right, Taposé can be the Courier app we so desperately wanted on our iPad. Let's hope Taposé's developers can pull it off.

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Who cares about MS version it would have sucked. We all know it down deap MS is not know for their well design UI so that why it stayed a concept.

Now this looks interesting for sure, hope they bring it out its not perfect nothing is but I still like it enough to buy it, would make some thing I do now easier. Actually like to see this on a large tablet whether its from Apple or not it still looks like you can work with it. True that a good stylus is needed but its not a deal breaker since nothing like MS is going to be coming out for years to come including from MS it self.

Get over it it was just a nice blue screen fantasy.