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Sony Patents the Solar-Charged Courier

Illustration for article titled Sony Patents the Solar-Charged Courier

Microsoft may have canceled their lovable Courier project, but Sony's patent application for a dual-screened "Electronic Book With Enhanced Features" may pick up where Microsoft left off.


The device is fantastically simple: In its portrait mode, you have a dual screened, two-page book. In its landscape mode, the bottom screen can change to a virtual keyboard, allowing you to use the device like a netbook. Interesting ergonomics, for sure.


But a line that we almost missed? The device would have a "solar charger receptacle on the housing and connectible to a solar charger to charge a battery in the housing." Not only is Sony looking at a new type of dual-screened device; they want to make it solar-powered to boot.

How is it possible, however, that solar could ever drive processor-intensive hardware? We may find a clue in that the diction of the patent is really focused on this dual screened device as eBook reader rather than a multifunctional Courier...thing. In the scheme of patents vs marketed devices, this diction is a quibble—it doesn't necessarily dictate anything for the would-be actualized product. But it certainly seems silly for Sony to consider solar for any device that does much more than sip on power. [Patent Office via GoRumors via CrunchGear]

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Now Sony has to produce this. If they can push something as batshit insane as the Rolly out the door and into a Sony Style store, they can surely make this a reality.