17 Reasons Smartwatches Won't Work (Yet)

The cascade of smartwatch rumors—be they iWatch, Surface, or other—increases daily. By this point, smartwatches of every shape and stripe seem inevitable. But there are so, so many reasons why they shouldn't happen. Not any time soon, at least. » 7/15/13 1:02pm 7/15/13 1:02pm

FT: Apple Hiring Blitz Suggests the iWatch Is a Way Off

A few months ago, a rash of headlines suggested you'd be wearing an iWatch on your wrist by the end of the year. They were almost certainly wrong—and now a Financial Times report suggests we could be in for an even longer wait. » 7/15/13 3:51am 7/15/13 3:51am

An iWatch Concept Has Never Looked This Good

We've got just about as much (or really as little) information about Apple's fabled iWatch as we ever have, but it never stops being fun to fantasize a little. This latest concept whipped up by designer Martin Hajek has got to be the best—and most Apple-like—we've seen yet. » 5/06/13 9:48am 5/06/13 9:48am

What Every Fanboy Argument About Google Glass and the Apple iWatch…

Even though we're going to be whoa'd and inspired by the future that Google Glass and the Apple iWatch will bring, let's not kid ourselves. The most realistic future is going to be the silly arguments we all get into about Google Glass and the Apple iWatch... which will only get more ridiculous after Apple releases its … » 3/08/13 8:00pm 3/08/13 8:00pm

No, the iWatch Isn't Definitely Coming This Year

There are headlines this morning, in abundance, that an Apple iWatch will be coming in 2013. They are declarative. They are definitive. They are wrong. The iWatch might be coming this year, or might come in 2015, or it might not come at all. And nothing in this Bloomberg report changes that. » 3/04/13 8:52am 3/04/13 8:52am

The Miracle Bendy Displays of the Future Are Still Years Away

The frustration with devices like a hypothetical iWatch—or a completely imaginary roll-up tablet (maybe a Vaio or something?)—is that they're made up of parts, and sometimes those parts don't exist quite yet. Or, in the case of Corning's brilliantly flexible Willow glass, they exist, but no one knows quite how to use… » 2/28/13 11:34am 2/28/13 11:34am

This Apple Slap Bracelet Patent Doesn't Tell Us Much About an iWatch

By this point, it's safe to say that Apple is at least considering the exploration of the hypothetical idea of testing a wearable iWatch-type product. So does this newly unearthed Apple patent, which shows off what amounts to a digital slap bracelet, shed new light on the company's intentions? » 2/21/13 9:14am 2/21/13 9:14am

How Stupid Are You Willing to Look for Apple's Amazing Magical iWatch?

There's no such thing as the Apple iWatch, and maybe there never will be. But if Cupertino does start selling futurustic Jetsons wrist wear, you need to prepare for one thing: looking like a jackass in public. Worth it? » 2/13/13 3:35pm 2/13/13 3:35pm

Bloomberg: Apple Has 100 Product Designers Working on the Apple Watch

As silly as it may sound, more and more people are reporting about an Apple watch that maybe its time to put away those Dick Tracy jokes (never!). This time, Bloomberg throws its hat in the mix saying that Apple has "a team of about 100 product designers working on a wristwatch-like device that may perform some of the… » 2/12/13 8:36pm 2/12/13 8:36pm

Every Apple Product Supposedly in the Works

Did you hear the latest rumor about Apple's "explorations" into a Dick Tracy-like smartwatch that'll soon be attaching itself to everybody's wrists? It's coming soon. Or never. But it's just another one of an avalanche of products Apple is rumored to have in the works. » 2/11/13 3:02pm 2/11/13 3:02pm

NYT: Apple Is Messing Around with a Curved Display iOS Watch

The tablet revolution has arrived and stabilized and now everybody's scrambling for the next big thing. Google's quite publicly doing its whole glasses thing, but Apple's been characteristically quiet about any fancy new digs. Now, the New York Times is reporting that Apple's got an iOS watch in development, but deep, … » 2/10/13 1:00pm 2/10/13 1:00pm