The Apple Watch's Smallest Parts Are Its Biggest Bet

The Mac had the mouse. The iPod had the clickwheel. And the iPhone had the touchscreen. So what does the Apple Watch have? Something called the "digital crown," a tiny knob replacing the conventional crown on traditional watches, and a "Taptic engine" that helps it communicate. They didn't get the most play in today's… »9/09/14 5:30pm9/09/14 5:30pm

iWatch Rumor Roundup: Everything We Think We Know (Updated)

If it feels like the promise of an Apple smartwatch has been looming forever, that's because it has. And its shadow helped birth the army of other smartwatches that we have today. But now, finally, the near mythical iWatch is rumored to arrive very soon. We'll be covering today's announcement live right here, but in… »9/09/14 10:37am9/09/14 10:37am

Report: iWatch Will Have Unique Apps And a Dedicated App Store (Update)

Ahead of Tuesday's big reveal of the much-anticipated Apple smartwatch, 9to5Mac brings us new details of what that iWatch might have on its homescreen: Wearable-optimized apps (Update: including Facebook), downloadable from an iWatch section of Apple's App Store. Hope the icons are legible on that tiny screen. »9/06/14 8:09pm9/06/14 8:09pm

WSJ: The iWatch Will Come in Two Sizes and Have NFC

Most of the rumors about Apple's upcoming product launches have swirled around the iPhone 6, which will reportedly have near-field communication capabilities. But today, a report from the Wall Street Journal claims that the soon-to-launch iWatch will also feature NFC, allowing your wearable to act like your wallet.… »9/04/14 12:17pm9/04/14 12:17pm

Report: Apple Will Announce Its Watch at the Sept. 9th iPhone Event

The ever-reliable John Paczkowski is reporting that Apple will announce a wearable at the previously reported event on September 9. That wearable is almost surely that "iWatch" thing everyone has been talking about, though an announcement wasn't expected until later this year. But why wait when you have billion of… »8/27/14 1:42pm8/27/14 1:42pm

Report: Apple Will Begin Making a Jewelry-Classified Gadget This Month

We've been following the emergence of Apple's sapphire production plant in Arizona closely this year, since it tells us a lot about the products coming down the line. Now, Mark Gurman reports, filings from Apple indicate that not only is the company manufacturing a new sapphire product this month—it's being… »8/21/14 1:16pm8/21/14 1:16pm

It Would Be Amazing if This iWatch Concept Was Real

The iPhone 6 is said to be bigger than its forebears, and, if the latest rumours are to be believed, the iWatch won't exactly be petite either, with a screen said to measure 2.5-inches diagonally. Armed with that snippet of possible information ,SET Solution has put together a (fairly) plausible-looking iPhone concept. »7/03/14 7:47am7/03/14 7:47am

Pocketnow says Apple's forthcoming iWatch will come in two styles: "Sports," rectangular w

Pocketnow says Apple's forthcoming iWatch will come in two styles: "Sports," rectangular with a rubber strap, and "Designer," round and stainless steel. Pocketnow says both models are "hard to distinguish" from a regular watch—which seems unlikely with a 2.5 inch face we reported last week. [Pocketnow] »6/21/14 6:32pm6/21/14 6:32pm