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WSJ: Apple's Smartwatch Will Come in Different Sizes, Pack 10 Sensors

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Hot on the heels of a Reuters report yesterday, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple is planning to launch a smart watch that will be available in multiple screen sizes.

The new report is at odds with yesterday's from Reuters, which claimed that the new wearable would be available only with a 2.5-inch screen. A person "familiar with the matter" explained to the Journal that "the smartwatch will likely come in multiple screen sizes." That may or may not be true, but it certainly could make sense—because 2.5 inches is a very large screen to strap to your wrist.


Elsewhere, the Journal reports that the new device will include "more than 10 sensors" including ones to track health and fitness. Incidentally, that does align with what Reuters said yesterday, with one of its sources noting that the watch would be able to measure the wearer's pulse. The glut of sensors is, according to a Journal source, Apple's attempt to "address an overarching criticism of existing smartwatches that they fail to provide functions significantly different from that of a smartphone."

While the Journal claims that the exact specifications of the smartwatch are "still being finalized," it also claims that Quanta Computer will put the watch into production in the next two to three months. That could—and it's a very big could that relies on all of this being trye—see the smartwatch launch as early as this October. Possibly. At this point, with contradictory reports over size from the Journal and Reuters, it remains unclear quite what that might bring, though. [Wall Street Journal]