Report: iWatch Will Have Unique Apps And a Dedicated App Store (Update)

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Ahead of Tuesday's big reveal of the much-anticipated Apple smartwatch, 9to5Mac brings us new details of what that iWatch might have on its homescreen: Wearable-optimized apps (Update: including Facebook), downloadable from an iWatch section of Apple's App Store. Hope the icons are legible on that tiny screen.

Over at 9to5Mac, the steadfastly reliable Mark Gurman says that an iWatch-specific SDK was very recently handed out to high-profile iPhone and iPad developers. Gurman explains how the iWatch apps will cooperate with the wearer's iPhone:

The new SDK will likely have deep ties to iOS 8's Extensions, HealthKit, and HomeKit APIs. Additionally, the Apple wearable device's SDK will make good use of the new Continuity, Handoff, and Widgets features for iPhone users to be able to easily transfer content from the smartphone to the wearable and vice versa.


Assumedly, Apple is handing out the iWatch SDK in order to have working apps on the iWatch when it shows the wearable to the world on Tuesday. We'll just have to wait until then to get confirmation on this iWatch rumor, and all the others—which you can read up on right here. [9to5Mac]

Update: Gurman adds the following.

Man, can you imagine how small the "Like" button will be on an iWatch?

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Does anyone remember back in the day when Apple's new products were actually secret? News organizations would wildly speculate about the products Apple would be releasing. A quote-unquote "pre-release" of said product would slip through the cracks. But then, come release day, so much of the speculation turned out to be false and there were still things to be surprised about.

This is how I justify my belief that the leaked models are not what they're really going to look like. If Apple's really radically changing their design philosophy for the iPhone, I'd think they'd be a bit more secretive about it. I'd also think it wouldn't make me cringe when I look at it.