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Watch Jimmy Kimmel Trick People Into Thinking a $20 Casio Is the iWatch

Apple's iWatch is a wonderful amazing revolutionary product that does not exist. But it feels like it's just around the corner, doesn't it? Like it's hiding in plain sight. Which is why it's hilarious to watch Jimmy Kimmel dupe people into thinking a dummy Casio is Apple's rumored smartwatch.


Some of these poor credulous people respond so helplessly to the power of suggestion that I feel bad for them. Do you like that it tells the date as well as the time? "Yes, I think that's a neat feature actually." Have people so completely forgotten what it's like to have a watch that the basic functionality of a timepiece astounds them? What's old is new again it seems. [The Tech Block]

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Irrespective of the haters here, it is undenyable that -whether they invented or integrated a technology - Apple was able to *set the standard* for many things today that are critical to our daily lives. From Quicktime to Mobile Music devices to Smartphones to mouse-based operating systems to online music. Sure others were involved, mimic, and in some cases overtook.. but lets be honest... without Apple the world undeniably would not be the same.

The proof will come when and IF Apple releases a watch and IF it succeeds, it will simply prove that Apple was able to do something that even the Almighty Samsung was not able to - Samsung's watch is already out, and it's selling like sh*t.

Proof will come, and the haters will continue to hate.