Report: iWatch Might Face Battery Life Issues

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We're already well aware that no matter how great a gadget might seem, none of that means anything if it dies almost as quickly as it turns on. And according to a new report from The Information, the long-awaited iWatch's battery power is going to be "disappointing."


The Information says that "People who have talked to Apple about the watch said that Apple employees have set low expectations."

And while that may be highly discouraging, it's not all that surprising given the battery life we've seen from other smartwatches. But if the rumors are true, this is going to be one loaded timepiece. Just yesterday, the New York Times reported that "the device's circuit board, which includes its sensors and chips, was described as tiny, about the size of a postage stamp." Pair that with NFC and wireless charging, and apparently you have a major power suck on your hands.

Any sort of smartwatch isn't going to leave a whole lot of room for battery, so if Apple really is about to turn out the wrist-based beast we've been hearing about, it sounds like we may be in for a rude awakening. [The Information]



I'm hoping that they look into some type of flexible battery that lives in the wristband. No idea if its safe, but seems like a lot of free real estate.