Watch This Robo-Ape Evolve Into a Robo-Human In Just a Few Seconds

Remember that iStruct robotic ape? It was developed by Germany's DFKI to presumably bring us one step closer to a cyborg version of Planet of the Apes. Well, it's unfortunately advancing faster than we'd feared, and has seemingly condensed millions of years of robo-evolution into just a few seconds and is now able to… »10/11/13 1:00pm10/11/13 1:00pm

Whoa, This Tiny Tail-Equipped Robo Monkey Can Leap Like a Superhero

There's a reason the animals that spend their days leaping from tree to tree have developed long prehensile tails. It not only gives them an extra limb for clinging to branches, it also helps them steer and adjust their center of gravity as they sail through the air. So it makes sense that if you were developing a… »8/15/13 9:23am8/15/13 9:23am

Tough Times Are Written in Your DNA; Good Thing You Can Erase Them

You've seen the reports that individuals with a lower economic and social status suffer from poor health more often than folks in higher tax brackets. Now, thanks to a multi-year study of rhesus macaques monkeys, researchers have found genetic changes caused by stressful environments are likely contributing to that… »4/09/12 3:01pm4/09/12 3:01pm

The First Advertising Campaign for Monkeys: Alpha Males and Genitals

Keith Olwell and Elizabeth Kiehner had an epiphany last year. At a TED talk, the two New York advertising executives learned that captive monkeys understand money, and that when faced with economic games they will behave in similar ways to humans. So if they can cope with money, how would they respond to advertising? »6/27/11 3:20pm6/27/11 3:20pm