Yik Yak Wants to Be More Than Your Kid's Favorite Shit-Talking App

"The real tech story is Yik Yak is blowing up,"Josh Miller, a Facebook project manager rumored to be working on an anonymity app for the social network, tweeted and deleted that comment recently, asking many people to wonder what the hell he was talking about. » 10/20/14 4:51pm 10/20/14 4:51pm

Massive Outage Nukes Older Peek Devices

Oops! A massive service outage has apparently bricked older Peek devices. Peek CEO Amol Sarva is on the case though, offering existing customers a free Peek 9 to make up for their lack of email access. Uh, great? » 10/17/10 10:00am 10/17/10 10:00am

Would You Ever Buy a Peek?

Earlier today, in the wake of the announcement of the Peek 9, the latest and greatest in a series of truly baffling gadgets, Brian Barrett asked "Who In Their Right Mind Would Buy a Peek 9?" Well, would you? » 9/20/10 3:40pm 9/20/10 3:40pm

Who In Their Right Mind Would Buy a Peek 9?

Try not to get too excited, guys, but Peek 9 is here. It's not as worthless as TwitterPeek, but that's vastly different from being worthwhile. Honest question: who in blue blazes buys these things? How does Peek stay in business? » 9/20/10 12:20pm 9/20/10 12:20pm

Will the Peek 9 Have Apps?

In a promotional email sent to us today, Peek chief Amol Sarva hinted the upcoming Peek 9 platform would support "real-time apps." Love 'em or hate 'em these devices exist, and they're apparently about to get a bit more robust. » 9/19/10 2:40pm 9/19/10 2:40pm

Peek Sort of Getting Facebook

The Peek will get Facebook updates via email soon. That makes it somewhat more useful, I think, than twitterpeek. But how about a peek that does the full web so you can check out twitter and facebook and email and all the links there? Oh wait, that's a smartphone. [Peek via Engadget] » 12/28/09 8:13am 12/28/09 8:13am

Introducing the BitterPeek

Yesterday, BlackBerry users across the country lost BIS email service, forcing them to switch to webmail, texts, calls, VoIP, instant messages or Tweets—for hours! But the real news is what didn't go down, rite guys? » 12/18/09 12:31pm 12/18/09 12:31pm

A Bunch of Ridiculous New Peeks to Follow the TwitterPeek

The TwitterPeek is a crazy device. But hey, now that Peek has gone down this road, why stop there? Here are some free ideas for the next generation of Peek handheld devices. » 11/06/09 3:09pm 11/06/09 3:09pm

The TwitterPeek Is So Dumb It Makes My Brain Hurt

I still can't believe the TwitterPeek exists. It's a portable device that only does Twitter. Seriously, who the hell would spend $200 on this? Am I crazy here? » 11/03/09 3:20pm 11/03/09 3:20pm

Stuff We Didn't Post Today (and Why)

Dudes Who Can See Future Say Windows 7 Will Help PC Sales...There's Peek With Twitter, Then There's Peek That ONLY Does Twitter...iPhone Breathing Down BlackBerry's Neck...Google Welcomes You to the Social, But the Google Social, Which Will Be Cooler, Seriously » 10/27/09 11:00pm 10/27/09 11:00pm

Peek Hawks Pronto Messenger With Lifetime Subscription for $300

It is literally impossible to keep track of all new, increasingly complex deals that Peek throws our way, but this one is simple enough: One Peek Pronto, plus n months of service, for $300. » 9/28/09 3:05pm 9/28/09 3:05pm

Peek Joins the Application Game with Peek Apps

When we looked at Peek, we decided that while it doesn't do much else, it does email better than most. Now the minimalist gadget is growing up and stepping into the application circus with its Peek Apps. » 9/18/09 8:58pm 9/18/09 8:58pm

Peek Cuts Prices 'Cause It's a Harsh World Out There

Assaulted by $99 iPhones and whatnot, Peek's cut the price of the Pronto to $60, and the Classic down to $20. Apparently, teenagers want to actually call people, or something. Monthly fee is still a pricey $20 though. [WSJ] » 7/17/09 9:00am 7/17/09 9:00am

Peek Creators Have Linux Envy, Reach Out to Hackers

The point of—and in a way, problem with—Peek messaging devices is just how simple they are: their software does email, sorta, and that's it. Now Peek is reaching out to users to port Linux to the device. » 7/09/09 11:20am 7/09/09 11:20am

Peek Emailer at Target For $25

The website still lists the classic Peek handheld at $50, but at least one Target store has them clearance priced at $25. If you like the idea of a device devoted entirely to email, it may be worth checking your local store. [Crunchgear] » 4/17/09 6:40pm 4/17/09 6:40pm

Peek Pronto Lightning Review: Simple Email Faster

Peek Pronto is the faster version of the original Peek, an incredibly stripped down slab of screen and keyboard that does one thing—email—but aims to do it simpler than anyone else. » 4/03/09 3:00pm 4/03/09 3:00pm

Peek Classics Lose SMS Capabilities

With the new Peek Pronto supporting unlimited SMS, the company will be cutting SMS out of new Peek Classics entirely. Luckily, those of you who already own Peek Classics will be allowed to keep your SMS (the company is not pulling any services retroactively). Seems like a fair enough way of handling the situation. [… » 3/24/09 10:29am 3/24/09 10:29am

Peek Pronto: Peek Goes Push for $80

The heavily rumored Peek Pronto has become official. The successor to the $50, one-trick-pony Peek emailer, the $80 Pronto promises full push email for up to five email accounts. » 3/24/09 7:53am 3/24/09 7:53am

Peek Pronto Is Twice as Fast as Original Peek Email Device

The veil around the Peek Pronto is falling away: It's "much, much faster in every way possible" than the original Peek. Load times cut in half. Maybe there's 3G too? » 3/19/09 3:16pm 3/19/09 3:16pm