The Silliest Star Wars Tie-Ins From Our Force Awakens Photoshop Contest

Last week, we tasked you with celebrating the release of The Force Awakens by trying to match the movie’s completely bizarre and overwhelming array of tie-in products. The results are in, and from what I can tell, io9 readers love bad puns and going a little lewd (which is why we love you). Check ‘em out!

How graphic designers photoshopped images before Photoshop existed

Life was basically impossible without Photoshop. The process and tools it took to get images and type set just the way you wanted took an eternity. There were no shortcuts! You needed a rapidograph pens, T-squares, rubber cement, exacto knifes and so much more just to do things Photoshop now does in one or two clicks.

Cool video of Tokyo made mind bending blurry effects by stacking frames

This is super cool, for both the slick visual effects we see and the clever behind the scenes work that allowed it to happen. Photographer Aaron Grimes made this video of Tokyo, IN MOTION, and blurred certain movements of the city and its people by stacking frames of multiple shots he took and then taking those…