A Touchscreen That Knows the Angle of Your Finger Is Way Cooler than 3D Touch

What’s most impressive about this touchscreen that knows the exact angle of the finger touching it is that it’s the same display hardware found in every smartphone on the market right now. Its special abilities are all enabled through software, meaning your own phone is already capable of this. »11/16/15 9:00am11/16/15 9:00am

Your Smartwatch Might Soon Know Exactly What You're Touching

Although undetectable by our limited five senses, most electrical devices emit small amounts of unique electromagnetic noise, which is actually transferred through our bodies. So by modifying the hardware to detect those signals, researchers have created a smarter smartwatch that can sense exactly what you’re holding. »11/09/15 5:30pm11/09/15 5:30pm

This Smartwatch Detects Gestures By Watching the Muscles Inside Your Arm Move

Your smartwatch’s incredibly tiny touchscreen isn’t necessarily the easiest way to navigate its interface. So to make hand gestures more reliable and more robust, a team of researchers has created a strap that can see inside the wearer’s arm and track the movements of the muscles instead. »11/09/15 4:00pm11/09/15 4:00pm

Mitsubishi Is Developing Projector Turn Signals To Give Early Warning to Pedestrians and Drivers

Positioned at all four corners of your vehicle, turn signals are usually more visible to other drivers on the road than pedestrians trying to cross it. So Mitsubishi Electric is developing a new indicator system that projects the vehicle’s intended path on the road, making it more obvious to everyone around it. »10/23/15 10:03am10/23/15 10:03am

Simply Putting Fins On Tires Could Improve a Vehicle's Fuel Efficiency

Slapping a giant fin on the back of your hand-me-down Corolla isn’t going to make it go any faster. But researchers at Yokohama have found that adding a series of angled fins to a tire can actually help improve a vehicle’s aerodynamics, which in turn means better fuel efficiency and fewer stops at the pumps. »10/15/15 10:30am10/15/15 10:30am

Will Humans Love Robots More When They're Flawed? Absolutely Not.

A team of British researchers have a salacious hypothesis: People like robots more when they exhibit the same sorts of flaws that characterize humans. This makes some sense—after all, the notion of a perfect, all-knowing robot is the stuff of dystopian science fiction. But do you know what’s worse than a perfect,… »10/14/15 1:00pm10/14/15 1:00pm