Sloppy Crafters Rejoice, Researchers Have Made Glue That Can Be Turned On and Off

If you’ve ever found your fingers unintentionally bonded together after using an especially strong glue, you’ll appreciate the latest innovation from researchers at the Max Planck Institute. They’ve succeeded in creating an adhesive that can be turned on and off as needed—perfect for wannabe Martha Stewarts who suck…

MIT Wants You to Swallow This Origami Robot Pill to Retrieve Other Crap You've Swallowed

According to MIT, Americans swallow over 3,500 button-sized batteries every year. Say what? But instead of educating the public about not swallowing random crap, researchers at the school want people to swallow a new folding origami robot they’ve developed that’s designed to retrieve foreign objects, among other tasks.


Disney's New Telepresence Robot Is So Precise it Can Be Used to Thread a Needle

The easiest way to make a robot as dexterous and capable as a human being is to simply let a human control it. That’s how Disney Research’s new telepresence robot works, but with improved hydraulics on board, it’s now capable of duplicating a human’s motions with remarkable precision—to the point where it can even be…