There's an Easy Way To Quickly Disable iOS 9's Content Blocking in Safari

If you’ve got that new and improved iOS 9, then Safari now includes content blocking capabilities. These blockers are enabled or disabled through the Safari section of Settings, but if you want to temporarily view a site in the way its makers intended then there’s a quick shortcut. »9/28/15 1:15pm9/28/15 1:15pm


Apple's Great New Developer Program Screws Over Safari Devs

During the last few days of the World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC), Apple announced major changes to its developer programs. Gone are the different programs — and different fees — that developers for iOS, OS X, and watchOS previously had to pay. And that’s great! Except, one of the most under-appreciated dev… »6/10/15 11:55pm6/10/15 11:55pm

The Best Extensions for Safari in iOS 8

When Apple unleashed iOS 8 on the world, it didn't exactly break down the boundaries of its walled garden—but it did put in one or two windows. Apps can now share with each other more easily, and there's improved integration for third-party tools in Safari thanks to the new extension support. Here are 8 of the best… »10/24/14 12:01pm10/24/14 12:01pm

This Extra Lens Is Like a Megaphone For Your DSLR's Pop-up Flash

It might occasionally come in handy as a bit of fill light for a shot, but your DSRL's pop-up flash is a poor substitute for a dedicated flash perched atop your camera. It makes sense why it sucks; it's designed to be small and compact enough to fold away. But with Rogue's Safari Flash Booster added to the mix, all… »9/16/13 1:20pm9/16/13 1:20pm

Opera Coast: a Stripped-Down Browser Built Just for iPad

Web browsing on the iPad—or any tablet for that matter—is far too frustrating of an experience for what's really one of the device's most basic uses. Safari for iOS was designed with an iPhone in mind, so anything larger becomes an awkward mix of sweeping gestures and pointed tapping. Opera's newly launched iPad-only… »9/09/13 9:45am9/09/13 9:45am

What The Most Popular Web Browser Is in Each Country in the World

The green is Chrome. The blue is Internet Explorer. The orange-ish color is Firefox. If you can see any red or grey that would be Opera and Safari, respectively. And though I personally believe all browsers have become horrible in their own ways, having Chrome at the top of most country's usage list according to… »7/01/13 10:00pm7/01/13 10:00pm

Apple Decides to Limit Its One-to-One Service to Safari Users Only

Gizmodo reader Paula E. B. wrote in with a screenshot, telling us that when she tried to renew with Apple's One-to-One customer bootcamp/training program, a notice popped up saying that One-to-One is now only supported by Safari—Apple's own web browser. »8/27/12 10:20pm8/27/12 10:20pm

Paula is regularly a Firefox user and so found this latest…

Google Faces FTC's Largest Ever Fine Over Safari Cookie Debacle

Five months on from the Wall Street Journal spotting that Google was circumventing cookie privacy settings in Safari, the big G is now close to settling the matter with the FTC. There's one bitter pill that still remains to be swallowed, though: the WSJ reports that Google is set to pony up $22.5 million, the FTC's… »7/10/12 7:02am7/10/12 7:02am

Google Investigated by the FTC Over Safari Privacy Debacle

Last month it came to light that Google had been bypassing privacy settings in Safari, by installing cookies to track the browsing habits of millions of users who didn't know what was happening. Now, the FTC is examining whether the incident violates a legal settlement in which Google pledged not to "misrepresent" its… »3/16/12 4:41am3/16/12 4:41am