Rich Kids in Tiny Tesla Model S Ride-ons Will Now Be Looking Down on You Too

What you’re really paying for when you buy an electric car like the Tesla Model S isn’t the savings on fuel, or even the whisper quiet ride. You’re paying for the ability to be smug and self-righteous to drivers in gas-powered cars, and now even little kids can start making others feel guilty about driving a…

Monopoly Ultimate Banking Eliminates Cash With a Tiny ATM That Scans Property Cards

Is there anything worse in a game of Monopoly than thinking you’ve bankrupted another player only to discover they have a secret stash of cash hidden away? That’s no longer an option with the new Monopoly Ultimate Banking edition that uses a tiny ATM to keep track of every last financial transaction.

The New BOP IT Adds a Motion Sensor So Players Have to Perform Actions Too

The deceptively simple bop it, pull it, or twist it gameplay mechanics of the original BOP IT soon won’t be quite as simple. In the fall Hasbro Gaming will be introducing a new version of BOP IT that looks the same on the outside, but inside has been upgraded with a motion sensor that can detect a player’s actions.

Master Chief's Iconic UNSC MA5 Halo Rifle Is Now a BOOMco Dart Blaster

To the dismay of blaster fans who’d fallen in love with the BOOMco toys, Mattel has scaled back the line and will start focusing it more on licensed properties. The silver lining to that bad news is that we’re going to be seeing more and more weapons from the Halo universe brought to life, starting with Master Chief’s…


You Don't Even Have to Touch the New Simon Air to Play

After being released in 1978, the classic memory game Simon went relatively unchanged for about 36 years until Simon Swipe came along back in 2014. It updated the game’s familiar button tapping with swipe gestures similar to what a smartphone uses. But, there’s yet another new version of Simon that doesn’t want to be…

Hasbro's New Star Wars Toys Feature Some Amazing Female Heroes

Hasbro’s Star Wars line has been in for some rough attention recently as fans clamored for, and then struggled to find, toys based on Rey after The Force Awakens came out, citing the company’s long struggle with female characters in its Star Wars toys. You wouldn’t think that with their Toy Fair announcements.

The Zoomer Robot Chimp Stands and Balances on Two Feet Better Than a Toddler Can

When the Zoomer interactive dog was first introduced a few years ago, Spin Master officially took up the robotic pet torch that was slowly burning out after Sony abandoned the Aibo. The Zoomer Dog was followed by the award-winning Zoomer Dino, but neither are as remarkably capable as the latest addition to the Zoomer…