0888 888 888: The Cursed Phone Number That Killed Its Owners

Vladimir Grashnov died of cancer, possibly contracted due to radioactive poisoning. Konstantin Dimitrov was assassinated while on a date. Konstantin Dishliev was gunned down during lunch. All three were assigned a cursed phone number: 0888 888 888.

Grashnov was the CEO of the mobile phone company who first issued the number, Dimitrov ran a drug smuggling empire, and Dishliev was an estate agent with a cocaine trafficking operation on the side.


There's no explanation why it just happened that each of the three people who were assigned this particular phone number died a painful and early death. But rather than risking cursing another customer, Bulgarian mobile phone company Mobitel is retiring it for good now. [Telegraph via Textually via Dvice via Geekosystem]

Picture by Tim Psych


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