1/5th Scaled MIG-29 Looks, Sounds and Probably Tastes Like a Fighter-Jet

Helenair over at Metacafe uploaded this video of the first preparation flight of a 1/5th scaled MIG-29 fighter-jet. The going gets tasty at around 3min 15s, so skip ahead for the goodies.

We do not know a great deal about the project except; the team has seemingly created a sweet RC scaled MIG-29, costing between $5,000—$15,000 and the replica was fitted with two turbine engines, which were not tested at their full capacity. Helenair said, regarding the test:

"We never go full throttle cox the engine (2 turbine) are too powerful, apply full throttle the plane will go out of sight in matter of seconds."


We are not sure about you, but we want to see those bad-boys at full throttle—seconds of excitement sounds familiar and awesome to us! [Metacafe via Techeblog]

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