10 awesome bloopers that actually made it into the final cut of the movie

There is so much preparation that goes into a movie and so many takes captured of any given scene and so much work that goes into the camera work and so much practice for the performances but yet, things don’t always go as planned. Mistakes happen, lines are forgotten, and bloopers are created. But sometimes those happy accidents end up being better than what the filmmakers originally intended.


Here are 10 movie bloopers that ended up in the final cut courtesy of Screen Rant.

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Platypus Man

This one’s big in visuals, but I know how much people hate video lists, so here you go:

10. Django Unchained - Leonardo DiCaprio smashing his hand for real
9. Mission Impossible 2 - Tom Cruise actually kicking the stuntman in the jaw (at the stuntman’s request)
8. Zoolander - Ben Stiller forgets his line as David Duchovny is explaining, but they play it off as stupid Zoolander
7. Knocked Up - Jay Baruchel was actually quite afraid of being on a roller coaster, so his character’s fear was real
6. Raiders of the Lost Ark - The fly on Belloq’s face
5. Midnight Cowboy - “I’m walkin’ here” wasn’t scripted
4. The Lord of the Rings - Ian McKellan hitting his head on Bilbo’s ceiling beam
3. Blade Runner - Daryl Hannah smashing the van window (and requiring surgery afterwards)
2. Rain Man - Hoffman/Raymond farting in the phone booth
1. Back to the Future Part II - “Spike” (the female member of Griff’s gang) hit the courthouse pillar instead of the window, falling 30 feet; stuntwoman Cheryl Wheeler-Dixon was seriously injured