10 Billion Songs Sold Contest Winner Thought Steve Jobs Was a Prank Caller

Louie Sulcer won Apple's 10 Billion Songs Sold contest. He just didn't believe that he won or that the guy calling to congratulate him was Steve Jobs himself. Guess he thinks Cupertino is full of prank callers.


The contest was simple: You buy the 10 billionth song and you win a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card. Louie happened to purchase a copy of Johnny Cash's "Guess Things Happen That Way" at just the right moment and next thing you know, he was getting a call from Steve Jobs. Except Louie didn't believe it was actually Steve:

He called me and said, ‘This is Steve Jobs from Apple.' I said, ‘Yeah right,' " Sulcer tells Rolling Stone. "I have a son that loves to play tricks and he does that every now and then - calls me and imitates somebody." After three or four times of asking "Come on now, who is this," Sulcer realized that his caller ID read simply "Apple," and only then did he believe that he was the winner of the contest and a $10,000 iTunes card.

Congratulations Louie, both on winning the contest and on making a good song choice. Just watch out for spoofed caller IDs. [Rolling Stone]

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