10 Favorite Gizmodo Posts: April 17, 2007

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A-VSB TV Everywhere—Mobile TV is coming to the states, check out the wacky Samsung demo that we went on today.

HD DVD Users Get Organized—Notice that huge spike in HD DVD movie sales? Is it due to increased demand or organized message boarders?


YouTube Claim Your Content— YouTube has created a new method for copyright holders to remove unauthorized content from the site.

Get the rest after a hop, skip & a jump.

KeySpan TuneView Gets an Upgrade—Navigate faster & now in piano black.


Wireless Impact Football Helmet—Now we'll be able to measure just how hard that blow to the head was in next years bowl games.


Sony's Hell Has Frozen Over—Sony is now making CompactFlash cards.


California Contemplating Tagging Gang Members with GPS—Sounds kind of like our wild life tag-and-release programs.

Wi-Fi Fish Tank—Not only can you now feed your fishies from afar, but you can adjust the temperature, filter, & lights of the tank as well.


USB Food Hub—Yea it may look like a really hard plate of food, but you'd be wrong.


PiP for Mobile Phones—Soon to be added to an already long list of "why do we need this?" is Picture in Picture for mobile phones.


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It would be hard to top


as my all-time favorite Giz post ever. There are many fantastic band names in that post. Gravy Delivery Drones indeed.