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10 fun things you can do to play with fire

Everyone has a little bit of pyromania in them, it just depends on when it wants to come out. After watching this Brusspup video of 10 tricks to do with fire, I know exactly when I'm going to start playing with fire again: the next big power outage. I'm totally going to make fire tornadoes, rising water, candle seesaws and burning steel wool.


If you've ever lit a match, you should know most of these but it's always nice to be reminded on how cool things look when they burn.

  1. light a candle with its smoke trail
  2. make a candle rise with water
  3. crayon candle
  4. burn a ping pong ball
  5. candle seesaw
  6. fire in a bottle
  7. singing pipe
  8. black snake
  9. fire tornado
  1. burn steel wool

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Stupid | Clever

All great, but dat tornado!

I was always amazed at how flammable non-dairy creamer is - love the Myth Busters demonstration: