10 mistakes in the Star Wars movies that you might have missed

I know, the only mistake of the Star Wars movies is the prequels. Ha ha. Oh and we can’t forget all the crap that George Lucas went back in to ruin in the original trilogy too. Yes. But there are actual legitimate mistakes that leaked into the good movies too. Here’s a list of 10 mistakes—exposed cables, making Luke’s mouth move digitally for lines he didn’t say, jumps in shots to scrub story inaccuracies about Darth Vader and Luke’s dad—in the movies, from ScreenRant.


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A list, why not:

1) Ghost image of Luke in window of Uncle Ben’s house on Tatooine.

2) Visible power cord on Obi Wan’s lightsaber during Vader showdown.

3) Bad cut during scene in Rebel hangar results in R2D2 being in different places.

4) Dusty light sabers puff dust during Obi Wan/Darth Vader showdown.

5) Blue screens used during production result in R2D2 being black instead of blue during X-Wing flying scenes.

6) Luke’s lips don’t move when saying “If he even exists” when arriving on Dagobah.

7) Stick pokes up out of the ground under a hind foot to push over the AT-AT on Hoth.

8) One of the asteroids the Millenium Flacon dodges in the asteroid field is actually the Millenium Falcon. (also potatoes and shoes)

9) Harrison Ford mouths Carrie Fisher’s line when she falls on him in the Millenium Falcon.

10) Darth Vader’s helmet passes through the lip of his ship after he walks down the ramp.