100,000-Pound Crane Smashes House in Half

Illustration for article titled 100,000-Pound Crane Smashes House in Half

This 100,000-pound crane was removing a tree when the tree broke loose, sending the crane's massive boom down onto the owner's house, smashing it like a Play-Doh sculpture. Check out the carnage in the gallery below. [SFGate]

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Yeah this could have turned out truly horrific. It is horrible that this persons house is damaged horribly, but I think the crane company's insurance will cover it or they will one way or the other.

On the other hand:

Imagine, if you will, that you get up to the pearly gates and you see St. Peter. You have to explain to him the reason why you are so early for your appointment is that some jackass landed a crane on you while you were just chillin' at your house. Poor guy is going to have to try not to fall off his podium stool from laughter 'cause I'm sure he doesn't hear that one every day.