110-inch "World's Largest" HDTV Now For Sale

Illustration for article titled 110-inch "World's Largest" HDTV Now For Sale

JVC's monster 110-inch hybrid-tech HDTV is now available for sale. Yep, get your credit card ready and sit the kids down, as they're not getting help paying for college anymore. This $53,000 behemoth is a whopping 8 feet wide and 3 feet deep, featuring a 1080p picture (for that much it'd better be 1080p), and multiple inputs including HDMI, Component, D4, S-Video and a D-sub15 pin socket for your PC.


Sure, $53,000 is an insane amount to spend on a TV, but think of how sick Gears of War would look on this thing.

Product Page [via Gadget Lab]





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