Bubbles are micro-thin orbs of liquid suspended around gas. That's nuts. And yet they're never more than a squirt of dish soap away. These 12 photos from this week's Shooting Challenge are a small reminder that the little things around us are pretty amazing.

Winner: Magic Pop


Honestly my goal was to capture a bubble right when it bursts... and I did!!! (I'll post the images of that and other cool ones in the comments below). But even though I got the image I wanted, there was something I liked even more about this particular photo. The lighting, the reflections of me shooting the camera, the glares, the particles floating from other bursting bubbles on top, and the way the needle pierced right through the bubble without bursting it. Not to mention the nebula-ish looking colours in the background. For this photo I used: 5Dmkiii, EF 50mm f/1.2, two EX600RT flashes, a tripod, and my TV turned off as a dark background.

Ivan Vargas

Some Soap


Taken with a Nikon D7100, f/25, 1/10 sec, iso-100, 40mm. This is a picture of soap bubbles in a dish with a cheap led flashlight inside the dish.

Andy Wisdom

Roxy Bubbles


For this Bubble Challenge, I had my very awesome assistant Roxy! She sat really well on my yoga mat, right in front of the floor length window. I utilized the available natural noon light. For the bubbles, I found a little bubble blower that was given to me at a wedding party. I didn't have a tripod, so I had to sit in front of Roxy and balance the camera on my knee while blowing bubbles in her little face . We ended up taking MANY photos, but I think this one captures the experience best!

Yosra Emamizadeh

Propeller IPA


Here is my submission - a glass of beer (Propeller IPA from Halifax, NS) backlit with a flash.

Chris Butler

Frozen Bubble


My wife and I captured these two pictures of bubbles blown on the 20th of this month. It was around 9 degrees outside and we wanted to try getting some frozen bubble pics. These two are from the same bubble before and after it came off the wand. Pictures taken in Beltsville MD.

Jeff Hansen



Was a little cold for both the camera and the photographer here in NY, so I decided to shoot indoors.This is an image of a bottle of liquid dishwashing detergent. I shook it up for a minute, and this produced the many tiny bubbles. The image was captured in the morning sunlight with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS9.

The image was globally corrected for color and contrast in Paint.net 4.05. On top of that, the original orange was changed to blue, and the whole thing was flipped 180 degrees.


I like the way that it looks like a sky of bubbles now.

Jonas Demuro



The photograph was taken using a Canon EOS 1000D in the Aperture Priority Mode with a 50 mm focal length prime lens, at an f-stop of 1.8, and consequently exposure time as 1/50th of a second and Auto ISO which turned out to be ISO 400. I was pressure cooking dal (lentils), when I noticed the steam come out and begin to bubble around the whistle. Hence I got my camera ready the next afternoon and tried a shot. The picture doesn't show a bubble in all it's prettiness, but I think it shows the texture.

Nidhi Somani



We set up a wire ring with some soap bubble fluid mixed with glycerin and reflected a diffused 2k light into it and shot with a 100mm macro lens on a 5dMK3. We had done a similar setup a couple years ago, and now that bubbles were the subject of this challenge, we decided to set it up again. The loop was about 10" across and it was shot in a dark room with just the diffused light hitting the bubble at an angle to allow the reflection to show up in the camera. After creating the bubble, we waited about 30 seconds for the colors to pop and snapped the picture. Other info, 1/60th second, f 9, ISO 640.

Steve Preeg

Bubbles Under Ice


I took this photo as a way of killing time (and not breaking a leg on the ever-present ice) on my way to the Metro Station. ISO 160 / 15mm / 0 EV / f/2.2 / 1/30.

Mark Faulkner



This past Saturday my cousin had her 1st birthday and I had the pleasure to take shots of the party. Her mother wanted her to take pictures in a dress that she wore on her 1st birthday (something that I thought was a pretty cool idea). The birthday girl was not pleased with the wardrobe change. I tried everything to try to get her to stop crying but nothing worked, then I noticed the bubbles off to the side. This worked perfectly and was a great reminder of childlike joy in the simple things.

Chris Hollis

A Little Spooky


Reflections in bubbles are distorted and can be a little spooky, so I edited the image a bit to bring that out. My daughter blew the bubble. 5D Mark II with a 100mm f/2.8L lens. Shutter priority 1/800s, f/2.8, ISO 250.

David Lee

On Blue


No post processing. Using Sony A7ii. Adapted Nikon 50mm @ f1.8. This is the cause of vignetting. ISO 50 1/2000s. Laying on grass while roommate blow bubbles. Have a couple great shots.

Stuart Clark

The diversity of entries this week is damned impressive. Kudos to all of you for putting a unique spin on this week's theme. And for all the lurkers out there, the wallpaper-sized images are on flickr.