15-Year-Old Designs Butterfly Concept Cellphone

We have seen "iPhone killers" of all shapes and sizes, but this one is a bit different because it is extremely farfetched and extremely cool on top of that. Oh, and it was designed by a 15-year-old Korean student studying in Canada.

The "Butterfly" is a slider, but it slides out horizontally, rather than vertically like most other slider phones. In fact it looks similar to the Samsung K5 we've reviewed before. The whole package is an AMOLED touchscreen and it includes all of the regulars like a camera, SD expandability and such. There is a little to no chance in hell of this ever becoming a real phone, but it is definitely interesting to see how the minds of the future cellphone designers are working. Jump for some more pictures.


A teenager's 'iPhone rival' concept [Electronista]


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