Citigroup analyst Richard Gardner couldn't hold back on speculating about Apple's upcoming products, and their subsequent success, according to a report released to clients this week.

Follow the jump for the best nuggets of prognostication, pulled from AppleInsider's account...


•OSX Leopard release will happen on June 11 and will mean $50 to $75 million extra dollars of revenue per quarter

•iPhone will launch in late June, and could earn Apple $200 to $300 per new subscriber (way above typical per-subscriber earnings)

•In August or September, Apple will release a nano with 12 to 16GB of flash memory for $249

•At that same time, it will release a video iPod with an iPhone-style touchscreen, also for $249

•Gardner also said that Mac sales this quarter will be 30% higher than they were last year, and iPod sales will be up 27%

Too bad Gardner didn't have any good news for his own company, Citigroup, which announced today that it will have to cut 17,000 jobs and move 9,700 people as part of a $4.6 billion dollar cost cutting effort.


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