170 Years of Music Player History in One Glorious Chart

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The beautifully obsessive folks at Pop Chart Lab have a knack for making gorgeous visual histories of things we love, like bicycles, cameras and beer. The lab's latest is just as lovely: a hand-illustrated view of how we've listened to music since 1840. Take a closer look at what you've been hearing.

The Advance of Audio Apparatuses is a poster-sized print fit for any audiophile's wall. The familiar faces of reproduced sound are all here — the Edison phonograph of 1889, postwar dome-topped Wurlitzer juke boxes, a bevy of boomboxes. A few notable oddballs make appearances, like the Archos Jukebox from 2000. You'll probably find at least one device from your childhood too; the crank-powered Freeplay radio from 1993 made me grin. You can put this audio archive on your wall for $26 with today's preorder discount. [Pop Chart Lab]