19 Celebrations of Circles

Circles. They're all around us. Literally. Here are 19 circles spotted by all of you.

Winner: Hobbit House


I built this hobbit door using oak from a tree in my sister's backyard, after aging it for 2 years. The rest of the tree I made into flooring. The runes are Tolkien's own, "Burglar wants a good job, plenty of Excitement and reasonable Reward."

Taken with my Sony a55, no special settings or exposure.

- John Kaluta

Getty Center

The Getty Center's central garden in Los Angeles. Shot just before sunset this past friday. I used my 20mm Nikon Nikkor lens for the shot.

- Andrew Knaup

Great Grate


I like simple. The other day I walked past this sewer near my home in new york city, or is it a grate? It defies everything but being a circle. trash can be beautiful and ugly, maybe. it reminds of a strange dreamcatcher. I held the phone straight above the circle with the camera at the center of the circle and kept the phone parallel to the ground to minimize distortion of the circle's beautiful form.

Equipment: iPhone 5s. Settings: focal length 4.12; f stop 2.2; exposure time 1/30


- Ava Sjöberg



I met this little guy while gardening this weekend. He seemed to be checking out the other shell. Maybe he was looking for a long lost friend? Maybe a new home? Either way, his circular shell made me immediately think of this contest.

This photo was taken with a Canon Rebel T3 using natural lighting.

- Brandy Montes



This is a goban that I made a few years back. The setup is a famous move from a Go game in the 19th century. I never got good enough at Go to be able to explain exactly why this is a good move. The proper way to hold the stones is to pinch it between your middle and index fingers. So, I am not making a rude hand gesture.

Canon EOS T3; EF 50mm f/1.8 lens; f/8.0; 1/2 sec exposure

- Christopher Sears



Took this at a construction site in the evening. Taken at ISO 400 f/3.5 1/160 using a Fujifilm X-M1 and a 16-55mm lens.

- Corey Palmer



Coffee is an important part of my morning ritual. Even when I've got a busy morning, I like to find 5 minutes to sit quietly on the couch and enjoy a cup while thinking about the upcoming day. This photo turned up following one of these sessions as the morning sun pushed the shadow of the mug over the wooden floorboards. I also like the clock-face image that is created with the handle and shadow. Ten past ten feels like time for a coffee, doesn't it?

Camera: Samsung Galaxy S4, ISO: 50, Shutter: 1/306, Aperture: f/2.2.

- Dave Cheetham



Photo challenge in mind, I was cruising through Soho in New York, and spotted this chain of round combination locks.

I shot them with my Sony A6000 with a 50mm lens, 1/90th at f8 with an iso of 3200. Conversion to black and white in Nik Silver Efex Pro.


- Eric Perkins



This is a photo of the knocker next to the door at my parents' house.

It was taken on Kodak Ektar 100 using a Pentax K1000 film camera. I used the kit SMC 50mm f/2 lens. I don't remember the aperture/shutter speed. It is unedited except for some cropping.


- Frances Sun

What's Really Behind The Lock


Subways run very infrequently during weekends, and the waiting time causes the eye to wander and look for anything of interest. Subway stations are very frequently under renovations, and the unfinished construction work causes the mind to wonder what's really behind locked panels. If only I had possession of a circular key...

Sony RX-100 f/1.8 ISO-1600 1/30sec

- Gene Li



I wanted to find a naturally occurring circle, and hoping for more than one. I was thinking about the challenge while doing some yard work, and when I used the sawzall to take down a bush, I knew I had found my subject. While subtle, the concentric rings of the stump make an interesting series of circles, even if somewhat imperfect in the strictest geometric sense.

The image was captured with an iPhone 5S, with postprocessing for contrast, and conversion to B&W in Paint.net 3.5.11. To boost the rings, I also put it through AutoHDR software.


- Jonas Demuro

Golden Orb


I'm a consultant for a valuation firm and I fly a lot. This week I had to take SEVEN flights for a couple of clients. My last flight was on a red eye from Vegas to Philly (leaving Vegas at 10pm, arrive in Philly at 6am) to meet a client. Understandably, I was asleep for most of the flight but I always tend to wake up during the landing approach. So having my head pressed against the window, I opened my eyes and I saw this sunrise above the clouds. It was just beautiful. You can't normally look directly at the sun to appreciate how imperfectly perfect this circular marvel can be. So prior to us dipping below the clouds, I pulled out my iPhone and snapped a pic and fired up Camera+ and applied the Clarity filter to pull in the details.

Equipment: iPhone 5s; Camera+ for post-processing

- Michael Peterson



Low angle hand-held shot of a toy called Tobbles. I used the natural light from the large skylight above my desk to illuminate the subject, and the desk and walls of my desk pod gave the image dimension. Only minor adjustments were made in Lightroom since my camera is used mainly for video.

Equipment used: Canon 6d; Canon EF 50 mm 1:1.14. Settings: Manual; ISO 400; 1/500; f/1.4


- Nicholas Harnack



This is a picture of Gyre at the NC Museum of Art. The sculpture is made out of concrete, colored with iron oxide, and reinforced steel.

Fujifilm S100 FS, f/3.6, exposure 1/550, ISO 100, 8 mm

- Toni Case



This is a picture of a Dandelion.

It was shot on a Canon 60D through an EF-S10-22mm lens with an ISO 400 at 1/200 sec. I Detached the lens and held it in front of the camera to get a Macro effect.


- Clairmont Miller



A lot of great metro stations in Montréal, Peel is one of them with 54 Circles by artist Jean-Paul Mousseau that put some color in the place.

Shot with my Pentax K-30, 18mm, f4, ISO 100, and then obviously post-prod.

- Emeric Monnet

My Own Worl


When I read the challenge I initially thought of searching out circles, but then I realized that the whole world is a circle. With that I decided to make a mini world out of the country I drive through everyday. I drove to the top over looking the valley, got a shot with a farm in it. At home I processed the raw file then used Nik Viveza 2 to enhance the color. Then using polar coordinates in CS6, I made my own little world. Not sure how well I fit in the contest rules but I figured I stretch them a little and be creative.

Tech: Canon 60D; Canon 18-135. Settings: f/5.6; 1/2500sec; ISO 400; 79mm

- Greg Milunich



It was hot. I was thirsty. I wanted a beer. I ordered a beer and viola! Circles. Delicious, frothy, cold circles in a circle. I took this photo with my droid max phone.

- Kristin Erling

The Wheel of Fire


We went to an old abandoned hotel/hospital to do some adventure seeking and steel wool spinning on the heaviest rainy day in Northern California this year. My friend Jeff got the idea of spinning an orb then running towards the camera. spotted by all of you

- Bryce Winsor

Superb circles all around! (Yes, I had to use that pun just one more time before the day was over.)Find the larger, wallpaper-worthy shots on Flickr.


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