19 Stunning Photos of The Year's Biggest, Most Beautiful Moon So Far

This past weekend, the moon ventured as close to our blue marble as its orbit allows. Meaning that at cozy 31,000 miles closer than normal, that supermoon gave us one hell of a show. And fortunately for us, you guys caught it all on film.

Yesterday, we asked you, dear readers, to show us the photos you snapped of Saturday's absolutely stunning display of lunar goodness, and as always, you did not disappoint. We've picked out the most impressive snapshots (and video!) below. But don't worry, even if you missed yesterday's call, it's never too late to show us what you've got in the comments below.


Got real lucky with my CPC 9.25 hooked up to my Nikon D7100. The result? This awesome shot! From Sagamore, MA - Ryan


I only had my 50mm, and was out until well after midnight, but I still thought if have a little fun. :) 70D - 50mm - ISO 200 - f13 - 30" - angerandotherfinethings



(should add that I wasn't behind the lens on this one - team effort!) - Gerald Donovan


T2i 250mm, f/9 ISO-100 1/200 - Kyle Kersh


From New Braunfels TX :) - aaperez_02

- Maverickx75

60D 250mm 1/200 f/8.0 ISO 100

Taken outside my house last night at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. - chunyeen

Taken with a Sony Alpha77, Ottawa, Canada, Chateau Laurier - Patrick Anthony Olson


Shot from Banff AB. - Steven R.

Shot this at the beach here in Spring Lake, NJ. The moon was a glorious red. - e_i


Starrucca Luck Moon - 27ray

It is technically a photo of the supermoon last night. Traffic to the Griffith Observatory was awful. But I did manage to get several awesome timelapses! - Gus


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Canon 60D attached my Celestron Nexstar 8SE Telescope - Mike L

Somewhere around Index, WA. Crazy awesome. - Futrell's Indenor XD2 needs a head gasket


And last but certainly not least:

It actually hit my eye. - Phantomlimb


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