1979 Rumor: Leaked Docs of "Compact Disc" Audio Format Using LASERS

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From 1979: A source "close to the matter" claims this document outlines a future Audio format that would utilize a tapeless design, and *snort* use lasers as some sort of record needle. Sounds like Bullshit to me.


First of all, a laser is going to burn up whatever it touches, so, like, do you listen to it once and then throw it away? That sounds like a great idea if you're one of those guys who made us buy 8 tracks and now want us to repurchase all our favorite songs on cassettes again. I'm not even going to get started on the potential fire hazard here. And last time I checked (the movies) lasers shoot out, they don't shoot back in, so its not like a laser is a good replacement for a record needle. Sure, it wouldn't wear out these magic laser records like vinyl and physical needles do, but that's because said disc would be make believe. And if even real, be on fire.

Sheesh. Nice try, rumor fakers. Never going to fool an expert gadget blogger. [25th anniversary of the CD]

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Totally plausible. Magnavox is already doing this with Video. This "CD" will probably be out in 5 years or so, but there are some caveats. 1) It'll be so expensive that only the five richest kings of Europe will have it. 2) I don't know how "compact" this thing will be. I can't imagine it'd smaller than a 45. 3) Won't play my current 8-tracks.