Think about it folks. Same chip efficiency, double the speed. That's what British semiconductor designer ARM Holdings is promising with the introduction of its new Cortex-A8 processor, dubbed exquisitely, "fastest-ever processor for mobiles." I'm getting chills I am. Obviously, this chip would mean big, big things for the mobile community in terms of video, TV and gaming. Although it looks like we'll have to wait until at least 2008 to see any of the fruits of ARM's labor. As of now, Texas Instruments, Samsung Electronics, Matsushita Electric and Freescale Semiconductor Inc. have all licensed the chip, though I'm sure we'll see more soon. Also look for the new chip in digital TVs, IP TVs and of course, digital set-top boxes. No wonder TI was first in line. And it didn't come from Asia. How the hell did the Brits slip under the radar anyhow?

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