Earlier this week, we asked you to help us come up with some applications for McDonald's new mascot, Happy, that were a bit more suited to his—er, unique set of talents. And then, dear readers, something incredible happened.

Maybe it's that, for a cardboard box, Happy looks alarmingly human. Or maybe it's that all-encompassing horror is just the greatest muse of all. Either way, this batch of submissions was unquestionably the best we've seen in years. Picking a winner was absurdly difficult, but in the end, that titles goes to a one Mczerniawski7 for the masterful depiction seen above. We only pray it never goes to theaters—the world just isn't ready.


While we normally stick with three to four runners-up, this particular contest warranted quite a few more honorable mentions, all of which you will find below. So without further ado, please, enjoy. Or something.

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