$260 Foxit eSlick eBook Reader Makes Its Way to Cheapskate Readers

Illustration for article titled $260 Foxit eSlick eBook Reader Makes Its Way to Cheapskate Readers

The Foxit eSlick reader, manufactured by the same folks that build the Kindle for Amazon, has finally made its way to market. It looks pretty good, considering that it's probably the cheapest e-ink reader available.


Release was originally slate for January, but preorders are just finding their way to customers now. Furthermore, anyone who orders a reader now will probably have to wait a few more weeks to get their hands on one of these $260 no-frills units.

As for features, the device is simple but practical: SD card support guarantees easy storage of eBooks and music (it's an MP3 players too), and Foxit, a company most famous for its lightweight PDF software, guarantees the device will read PDFs very well—a factor that help mitigate the reader's lack of a Whispernet-type service. [GearDiary via Engadget]



$260 is fine for early adopters... I guess. But I have ZERO interest in spending that kind of money on an ebook reader even if it is an MP3 player as well. This format ebook reader, paper back size/portable, will quickly be replaced with cell phone intergrated ebook software... with or without "smartphone" OS.

The other market for ebook readers will be educational with larger screens and annotation and search functions, I see that being the true market for webpad or tablet format light computers.

And, so far, "they" have not released the technology for color that will make the comic book, sorry, "Graphic Novel", market explode for ebooks. Not to mention the other market for color image publications (wink wink nudge nudge).