Earlier in the week, we asked you to help celebrate Steve Ballmer's $2 billion basketball acquisition by giving the ex-Microsoft man a logo he could be proud of. And you, dear readers, done very, very good.

Some of you chose a more traditional route, some a little absurdist, and a few of you seem to have completely misunderstood the assignment altogether. We couldn't be prouder.


Boiling the entries down to a single winner wasn't easy, but that esteemed title goes to a one DC Erlanda, who created the busy, peak-Ballmer masterpiece you see below.

As for our runners-up, in no particular order:

via Chuckster1124

via Seymour Fry

via Shane Skwarek

And just because we have no idea what's going on here (other than the fact that it's great), our first ever Coach's Award goes to:

via Baseball

In our eyes, though, you're all winners. All of our lovely entries lie below, and each is special in its own, unique way (just, you know, not special enough). Have a very Ballmer day.

via Scott

via Greg Hauze

via Jonas Demuro

via Dale Chapman

via Eric

via Harry Georgeson

via Majyd Hassan

via Shea Williamson

via Edward Ford (and made in PowerPoint for authenticity's sake)

via Peter Sun

via Mister Furious

via Sean McCune

via Mark Parq

via Nate Becker

via Igor Bebic

via Rob Simpson

via Larr Garza

via Ian McAllister

via Peter Accomando

Top art via Natalie Litofsky.