29 Reasons You Don't Need an iPod, 1 Reason You Do

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Is the iPod still the best MP3 player on the market, or is it just the device that everyone knows about? Here is a nice list of 29 alternatives to an iPod that should all be available for the holiday season.

Gizmodo Disclaimer: if your wife/child requests an iPod for Christmas, we recommend that you stick with an actual iPod. Because a lecture on the superiorities of triangular geometric design is the last thing anyone needs on Christmas.

iPod Killers for Christmas 2006 [via Slashdot]

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Creative players are superior in sound quality compared to any i-Pod. A friend of mine who uses many i-Pods always says the same thing to me after comparing his i-Pods to my Creative players; "EAX! I sure wish i-Pods had EAX. I can't come close to the same sound as your Creative players, then you activate EAX and the comparison becomes so unfair." It really upsets him because he uses his ear buds for the comparison, not mine.

Once I had him do a comparison between the players and had him use my Sennheiser MX-500 ear buds. He was shocked! Not just the sound improvement on his i-Pods, but the outstanding difference it made with EAX active on the Creative players. I have a feeling he will be spending his hard earned money differently in the near future!