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We are receiving some pretty good entries in our Black Friday Story contest. There are only three days left to submit your best holiday shopping/Black Friday story. Here is a story about a Wii bit of misfortune from Luke:

No Wii For Mii I plop down on my couch ready to record some football. I grab the tivo remote and alas, the damn thing is dead. I do all the usuals. I slap the remote, spin the luck. I have no choice to venture out to get this little bundies of energy. Circuit City is two blocks away so I put on the running shoes and get a move on.

Luckly, it's extremely quiet. I could have sworn that there was campers out here last night when I went to see the new Bond flick. As I walk through the door, a guy dressed in red asks me "Nintendo Wii?". I just grunted and he handed me a blue ticket. I came in to get some batteries and I just scored a hard to find item? Sweet. I was gonna buy one, but not until after the holidays thinking that they would be too hard to find. (And's looking at you 360!)

Seconds later this older woman comes bursting in to the store. She looks like your typical mom. She grabs the red shirted guy at the front and asks about the Wii. He politely tells her that they gave out their last ticket and sorry. Suddenly there is this wail. Like a child had been murdered kinda sound pouring out this woman. There is sobbing, and groveling. The guy then points in my direction and says I have the last ticket. Little ole me, with my Wii ticket and AAA batteries.

She dashes up to me and drops to her knees. Crying, sobbing, running mascera...the works.
" I have to get this for my kids!" Please! It will destory them!!! They've had a hard year! Please help me!" This list goes on and on. It was quite a sight. One I had never seen before. I've never had somebody beg at my feet like their life was on the line. So it pulled at my heartstrings and I handed it over.

Not even a thank you mind you. She rushes up to counter and the girl behind says something to the effect of your kids are gonna be so happy as the mom forks over the cash. When the system gets in her hands, she tells the counter girl "Kids? This fucker is going right on ebay!". I grab the mom's shoulder and start to say something and she pepper sprays me. I was told she just ran out the door. Mind you nobody sees me get pepper sprayed and I'm asked to leave the store for trying to create disurbance. With my sinus competely exploding and my eyes swelling shut, I'm dragged outside the doors and dumped on the sidewalk. "And don't you come back, we've got your picture!" I hear a voice say. I'm sure that was my last visit anyways.

But at least I didn't pay for my batteries...

This is a bit longer than we wanted, but a funny and well written story. Bravo, Luke. Hit the linkage below for all of the details about the contest.


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