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3 Low-End Sony Ericsson Phones

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Affordable seems to be the word on Sony Ericsson's lips with the three phones it just announced. Two stick phones and one clamshell round out its line this year, although I'm sure we'll see a few more coming out at CES in January.

The J220, a stick phone, is all about simplicity, with a one-click navigation key. It can store up to 500 phone numbers and 200 SMS, and will have Style-Up covers to make it easy to personalize. Comes in black or sky blue.


The J230's big feature is a built-in FM stereo, which can be listened to through earphones or the speaker phone function. It's also a stick phone and comes in cosmo white, cherry red or deep blue and can take the Style-Up covers.

Lastly, the Z300 is the clamshell and comes in granite grey or a weird choice of amathyst purple. Again, nothing too exciting here, but when the clamshell is closed, the face of the phone is attractive with a a large clock display and incoming caller info. This will also use the Style-Up covers (though why you'd want to cover up your beautiful purple phone is a mystery to me). And a crystal decoration comes with it, just for fun.


The J220 and J230 will be out in early 2006 and the Z300 should be available by end of year.

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