On this week's 30 Rock, we found out Jack's (or Jack's designer's) choice of computer, and it's a weird one: It's a prop model of a forcefully-branded Windows computer, yet 30 Rock has historically been in love with Apple products.

Warning: Clip is US-only. U-S-A! U-S-A!

At first glance I thought it was a black MacBook with a Windows logo pasted over the Apple, but that's not it—the case is too shiny and angular, looking more like a slick Lenovo or something. 30 Rock has been very obvious in its love of Apple products in the past, with Liz and Jack always using iPhones and the writers using MacBooks, so it's pretty surprising to see a Windows computer, even if it's an imaginary one. But 30 Rock has always been a little edgy about product placement anyway, once breaking the fourth wall to ask advertisers "Can we have our money now?" But hell, at least it's not at the point of the "Dr. Pepper Amuse Bouche Challenge" nonsense of Top Chef. [Hulu]