If you have $1.5 million spare change you can buy this Titan 1 nuclear missile base on eBay today. Located in central Washington, the 57-acre Larsen Air Force Base Titan ICBM launching complex 1A —complete with 16 underground buildings including three 160-feet missile silos— is ready for your post-Cold-War Jack-Bauer-induced delusional paranoia, War Games reenactments and family protection against drone wars. Awesome full specs and photographic interior tour right after the jump.

Your $1,500,000 will get you:

• 57 acres terrain one and a half hours west of Spokane, 10 minutes from Interstate 90.

• 16 underground buildings including:

• Three 160' Tall Missile Silo.

• Three (4 story) Equipment Terminal buldings.

• Two Antenna Silos.

• 100' Diameter Control Dome.

• 125' Diameter Power Dome.

The purchase conditions are $300,000 down payment, 7% interest payments in three years, skip the middle man! Step right up, folks! Step right up.

And in case you miss this one, don't worry: There are more for sale here, along with more photos and plenty of information about these dead Cold War giants. [eBay - Thanks Matthew]